Dušan Dimitrić

How to Become an Expert (Part 1)

The purpose of this blog post is to help beginner/intermediate programmers get to the next level in terms of their programming skill and hopefully in life. Also I answer some questions that beginners often ask.

Picking the Right NPM Package

NPM is the largest software registry in the world and right now (July 2019) it hosts over 1.000.000 software packages! While that looks great on paper the reality is that most of those packages are not high quality. Since there are so many to choose from - how do you pick the right one for your specific use case?

Bit Flags in JavaScript

Bit flags are used in low-level programming for packing multiple boolean values in a memory efficient manner.

Sharing Secrets Securely

As a developer|sysadmin|devops or almost any other kind of IT person you are going to need to share some secret information with your colleagues at some point. Think passwords, DB credentials, AWS credentials… extremely sensitive stuff.

My Problems with JavaScript Promises

I don’t particularly fancy JavaScript’s Promises. Here are some of the problems I have with using them as well as solutions to those problems which you can use to write better asynchronous code, today!

Re: How well do you know Node.js?

So, the other day I ran across a blog post called How well do you know Node.js? I wrote my answers to these questions in this post. You might find them useful in reviewing or upgrading your Node.js chops.